Most injured workers are very overwhelmed in the wake of a serious accident. They don’t know where to begin. When hurt, people need immediate medical attention, and typically contact their health insurance agency. The insurance agent will likely encourage the worker to not seek legal help. Following this advice is the single most common and potentially devastating mistake an injured worker can make.

Insurance companies benefit when injured workers do not seek legal counsel. The injured worker does not. Georgia workers’ compensation laws are highly complex. The insurance companies know the laws, and will strive to make people feel comfortable that the employee is in good hands. But the fact is, there are many components to the legal system that can turn the tide on your compensation outcome.

Don’t be fooled by insurance adjusters or case managers who seem as though they have your best interest at heart. An attorney wins only when you do. You have everything to gain by hiring a rock solid attorney–and everything to lose by going it alone. Don’t go it alone! We are your partner in the workers’ compensation process.

If you are injured and need help, contact us today- even if you’ve been denied benefits. We can make sure you don’t miss an important deadline. Time is money in workers’ compensation cases!


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