Bryan Ramos is committed to achieving exceptional results through sincere commitment to his clients. Georgia workers benefit from his extensive knowledge of the inner-workings between complex legal systems and political structures. Raised in North Florida and South Georgia, Ramos is a graduate of the Florida State University and the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University in Georgia. He has been practicing law in Georgia since 1999. In 2005, he opened the Ramos Law Firm in Atlanta to focus exclusively on assisting Georgia’s injured workers.

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workers compensation lawyer Q: Attorney Ramos, Why did you decide to go into workers’ compensation law? Being a workers compensation lawyer is a good fit for me. It’s a guaranteed way of helping people. If there’s ever a time in someone’s life they need a leg up, it’s when they’re hurt and out of a job. Knowing that I can help get them back on their feet is a good feeling.

Q: Do you recall the deciding moment when you made the decision to go to law school? What was your hope and dream at the point in your life? After I graduated from Florida State University in English and Philosophy, I started work for the state of Florida- in healthcare administration among other jobs. I began to see the need people had for navigating their way through systems during challenging times in their lives. I really empathized with those people. Eventually, I decided to carve out a path for myself that would allow me to learn the tools to help people- not just push paper.

Q: Tell us about your Filipino roots. How has your family culture and up-bringing affected what you have become today? I moved to the U.S. with my family when I was very young. I recall how difficult it was for my parents- moving all the kids and starting over in a new world. My parents were often victims of discrimination in the States. One time they were actually sued by the lawn service they were using- wrongly accused of non-payment. At age 20, I acted as their legal representation in court. We won the case. The judge told me I’d make a good lawyer!

[Read more in Bryan’s Blog] Q: What do you see in most of your clients when they first walk in your doors? Can you relate to any of those feelings, and how do you help your clients overcome their concerns? I see a lot of people who are skeptical and scared. After you’ve been hurt on the job- and maybe even fired because of it- it’s not so easy to trust. I have to earn their trust. And when I do, I honor that.

Q: Do you ever have to turn cases away? For what reasons? Is this in the best interest of the individual? Why? In a handful of cases I’ve seen, the employer is willing to provide everything that is legally and morally required for the injured worker. That’s the best situation, and what we all hope for. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen often.

Q: Tell us about your relationship with your past clients. What do you know about them? The best part about this job is developing friendships. Working with people during difficult times brings about close relationships. I still get invited to birthday parties and anniversary celebrations for some of my long-term clients. I like to see how they’re doing- and make sure the work we did really had a lasting effect on their lives.

 Q: Have you ever come into a controversial situation with a corporation or insurance company? How do you fight back? Health insurance companies are tough. It’s oftentimes a money game for them. But I’m in the people business. As long as I keep that perspective, I can handle what’s thrown at me. workers comp attorney

Q: What do you think is the biggest mistake potential clients make? What are the pitfalls in trying to handle cases without proper representation? In GA, there are four pitfalls people tend to fall into after they’ve been injured on the job:

  1. They wait too long to report the accident to their employer.
  2. Some folks try to navigate the legal system themselves, until they find out that it can be a very complicated process. By then, they’ve lost some of the benefit that counsel can offer.
  3. The other mistake people make is signing on with a big legal firm that practices all kinds of law. What they don’t know is that it is unlikely you will ever talk to a lawyer in those firms. And you lose the benefit of working with workers compensation lawyers who really know Georgia workers compensation laws.
  4. Lastly, workers get suckered by insurance companies who are well-versed in workers comp and want people to trust them. Unfortunately the companies don’t always have the workers best interest in mind.

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Q: Why is it important for an injured worker to hire an attorney who practices only workers compensation law? Georgia Workers Compensation is surprisingly complex. The laws are constantly changing. And at any one time, you may be prepping for court with administrative law judges while battling insurance companies and also lobbying for long-term health care. Lawyers who are not living this every day just cannot provide the same level of expertise. Think about it: If you had a heart attack, you wouldn’t go to a skin doctor for treatment. By the same token, if you are injured on the job, wouldn’t you want someone who specializes in workers’ compensation? I know Georgia workers compensation law inside and out. And I’m confident I can help injured workers get what they deserve.

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Q: What would you tell someone who has recently been injured on-the-job? What is the first step they should take?  The first thing an injured worker needs to do is tell their employer about the accident. If that’s not done within 30 days, we have very little chance of helping them. The second thing they need to do is call an experienced workers compensation lawyer. We’ll provide free consultation and an honest assessment of the case. It’s important to get counsel early on.

Q: Tell us about Bryan Ramos. What are your interests, hobbies…what do you care about? If you could see change in the world, what would it be? I’ve been given a lot in this world and I like to think that I’m grateful for it. I do what I can to give back and pay forward. I honor my Filipino roots as an officer of the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce. And with deep-seeded interests in global health and children’s causes, I do everything I can to support medical clinic construction in Africa and programs for disadvantaged children, such as Camp Horizon.

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