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One step at a time for Danielle B.

When Danielle Bostic slipped and fell on her job as a front-end manager, she had no idea how her life would change as the result of what seemed like a minor sprain. After months of a worsening injury and inability to work, Danielle was about to lose everything she had ever worked for.

“I had pretty much given up by the time I called the folks at Ramos Law. But I thank God I made that call. Bryan and Gail helped turn my life around.”

Danielle sprained her ankle as the result of that fall. It was a nuisance, but at first it seemed like a problem she could work around. Like many employees in her situation, Danielle took her medication and went back to work in an ankle brace. With worsening pain over the next few weeks, Danielle began taking frequent sick days. Her store manager put her on a leave of absence without pay as the result of missed work.

Felicia’s doctor later diagnosed her with a cracked rib, based on her symptoms. Felicia took additional time off of work to receive physical therapy, and eventually knee surgery. Surgeons repaired a torn medial meniscus, including a cleanup of the kneecap which revealed additional deficits in that area. “I was working with the company’s insurance adjuster to determine how much time I could take off. Eventually, I needed to get back to work, as it was the start of the holiday season.” The doctor approved her to work four hour shifts, four days per week.

For Felicia, even four hours of standing was excruciating. Sitting is not permitted in her line of work. She began feeling hip pain in her opposite leg, which became her weight-bearing limb, compensating for the stress she was unconsciously taking off of her injured left knee. “My boss was pushing me to work more hours, since I was counter manager. And my doctor was pushing me to take it easy. I was in pain, caught in the middle, and completely stressed out.” “I needed someone to intervene.”

Family members had heard of The Ramos Law Firm and encouraged Felicia to make a call. “That’s when my situation started to turn. Bryan Ramos gave me the straight story. He told me that store management would likely push me until I felt forced to quit my job. And that’s exactly what was happening.”

The workers’ compensation system is in place for the purposes of protecting workers from being forced out of work with no income due to an injury that took place on the job. Company insurance adjusters abide by the law, but do not have the injured worker’s best interest in mind. In this case, Felicia needed an advocate who could help her get the benefits she needed while she was recovering from her multi-faceted injury.

Bryan encouraged Felicia to not back down, and to seek a second medical opinion. The doctor made it clear that adjusting the number of standing hours on-the-job would preserve the health of her knee for the long-term, hopefully keeping Felicia from needing a total knee replacement down the road. “Bryan walked me through everything. He helped me remain strong in what I needed in order to be well and to get my career back. I wanted to keep working and serve my clients.”

Felicia eventually got the full benefits she needed for the complete recovery process as ordered by her doctor. “Without Attorney Bryan Ramos and Gail Bailey, I would have probably quit my job and been left without pay. Their care and personal attention was incredibly helpful. Bryan is able to communicate complicated legal issues in simple terms, so it makes sense. I am very appreciative of the help I received from the Ramos Law Firm. It made a huge difference in my recovery and career options.”


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