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If you are injured on the job, don’t delay! There are several steps you need to take immediately in order to ensure the best outcome after your injury:

1. Report Your Injury to Your Supervisor
In order for you to get help, your employer must know about the injury.  Therefore, it is important that you notify your supervisor about your injury.  Tell him or her how it happened, who was involved, which body parts you injured and how you are feeling.  Notifying your co-workers is not enough as they really have no power to help you from an administrative perspective.  Tell the “manager”, “supervisor”, or anyone else who is in management. 

2. Seek Medical Care
If you are hurt, ask for medical care.  Even if it is not bad, you should get checked out.  Employers are required to provide remedial treatment to you at their expense for on the job injuries.  In fact, you should have a choice of doctors from their “panel of physicians” which they should tell you about.  Remember that your health comes first and you should not delay medical care.

3. Keep a Diary of Events
Documenting your injuries and medical care will be necessary to secure workers’ compensation benefits.  Keep detailed notes of (1) who you reported the injuries to; (2) what you told the doctors and nurses; and (3) what they told you.  Also, take pictures of the accident scene and of your injury as well.  Unfortunately, the employer’s story may change and it will be up to you maintain (and prove) your case...

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