Warehouse Industry

Metropolitan Atlanta is the fifth-largest market in the U.S. for warehouse space. With about 800 million square feet of space, Georgia is a go-to state for corporations looking for affordable warehousing: and also one that logs thousands of workplace accidents. One of the most dangerous aspects of warehouse work is using the forklift. Forklift accidents account for a significant number of injuries

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Healthcare Industry

What happens when nurses and physicians suffer work-related injuries while caring for their patients? According to the CDC, healthcare is the second fastest growing sector of the U.S. economy. It is projected that there are over 12 million healthcare workers in America. Of these employees, nearly 80% are women. Did you know that healthcare workers suffer musculoskeltal disorders

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Construction Industry

The good news is: the construction industry in Georgia is back in a growth mode. Construction has already begun at the Cobb County site for the new Braves Stadium. And a mixed-use development with apartments, hotels and retail space is an additional project recently planned for the same Cumberland-Galleria area in metropolitan Atlanta. Residential housing construction is back on the rise in Georgia as well.

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Beverage Industry

Workers employed at Pepsi, Coca-Cola, or Kraft Foods know that they are working in a "factory". It is a commercial factory where they make, manufacture, package, bottle, and process food for millions of people. This assembly line process is physically demanding. Just like in the automobile, plastics, or steel factories, workers are often hurt on the job.

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Airline Industry

Airline workers such as Delta employees, Airtran workers, and baggage handlers for both airlines are generally covered under workers' compensation. If you have been injured on the job, you are entitled to immediate medical treatment. It is important to report the injury to your supervisor and accurately explain how the injury happened as a part of your job.

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