Georgia Workers at Risk in the Warehouse

Metropolitan Atlanta is the fifth-largest market in the U.S. for warehouse space. With about 800 million square feet of space, Georgia is a go-to state for corporations looking for affordable warehousing: and also one that logs thousands of workplace accidents.

One of the most dangerous aspects of warehouse work is using the forklift. Forklift accidents account for a significant number of injuries, from closed-head trauma to back and neck strain. We see accidents caused by falling debris from the forklift as well as machine malfunction.

Additional hazards in warehouse work include back injury from heavy lifting, cuts from power tools and bone breaks from collisions with small motor vehicles. As about 8,000 trucks leave ports each day in Georgia, there is constant loading and transporting in and out of warehouses. Vehicle movement, stocking, loading and unloading present potential risks to warehouse workers.

Keep in mind, employers will not pay for accidents that occur due to horse-play or negligence. It pays to be alert and cautious while engaging in warehouse work. As nearly 250,000 Georgia workers are employed in warehouses, safety should be of prime concern.

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