What do I need to look for when selecting a workers’ compensation attorney?

Workers Compensation is surprisingly complex. The laws are constantly changing. At any one time, you may be prepping for court with administrative law judges while battling insurance companies and also lobbying for long-term health care.

There are six main assets to look for when choosing the best lawyer for your workers compensation case:

  1. A lawyer who practices 100% workers’ compensation law:  Think about it: If you had a heart attack, you wouldn’t go to a skin doctor for treatment. By the same token, if you are injured on the job, wouldn’t you want someone who specializes in workers’ compensation? The laws are always changing. It takes dedication and commitment to stay on top of the Georgia workers compensation system.
  2. Deep experience in multiple types of workers’ compensation cases:  Look for a lawyer who has handled a variety of claims- from the relatively minor carpel tunnel syndrome, to multiple forms of catastrophic bodily injury claims. The Ramos Law Firm has experience with many forms of workers comp litigation and negotiation, providing the knowledge we need to craft a unique strategy for each injured worker.
  3. Personal Attention:  It’s important to be able to talk to your attorney on a regular basis. Talking through your case helps you and the lawyer strategize and work to get the best possible result. Most large firms do not specialize in workers compensation law, and typically rely on administrative assistants to relay information from their clients.
  4. Industry recognition:  Consider whether the attorney is rated by AVVO or Martindale Hubbell, two resources which help quantify the attorney’s reputation and skill level. The ratings are determined by professionals in the legal industry. Bryan Ramos is pleased to announce his third year as a Super Lawyer, as well as the highest AVVO and Martindale Hubbell ratings.
  5. A passion to help injured workers:  Look for an attorney who has chosen the field of workers compensation with good reason- not as an afterthought. Workers comp is a people business. You need an attorney who is willing to go above and beyond to get what you deserve.
  6. A creative approach to winning cases:  Always look for an attorney who is skilled at employing unique strategies- including face-to-face negotiation when necessary. Workers’ compensation is not a straight-forward practice. At Ramos Law, we often need to think outside-the-box to get the best results for our clients.

Learn more about Bryan’s background and winning approach in his bio.

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