Kids’ Chance, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation originally developed by the Workers’ Compensation Section of the State Bar of Georgia, in association with insurers, employers, attorneys, labor, medical, and rehabilitation groups. The purpose of Kids’ Chance, Inc. is to provide financial scholarships for children of permanently or catastrophically injured or deceased workers to complete their education. Through the hard work of many dedicated individuals, the Kids’ Chance program has expanded to several states.

Kids’ Chance was originally established in 1988 in Georgia. Since 1988, the organization has raised more than $3 million dollars in Georgia alone. Each state funds its own programs and spends funds on its own residents. Scholarships funds come from various sources, including donations by individuals, groups, organizations, foundations, and other professional programs. Another source of funding also comes from special activities organized by volunteers such as sporting tournaments, celebrity roasts, and annual events such as Fun Runs and Family Fun Festivals. Just recently, Kids’ Chance was able to raise additional scholarship funds during the Workers Compensation Law Institute held at St. Simons Island. During the Institute, Kids’ Chance hosted a Casino Night with a Silent Auction.

Please visit to find out how to help Kids’ Chance or learn who is eligible for funding.

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