Ramos Law Firm is proud to service Decatur residents and their workers’ compensation needs. Decatur, Georgia is so close to Atlanta that the city borders blur. However, the Atlanta suburb has a history and personality all its own.

Decatur was founded in 1823, much earlier than Atlanta. Decatur was destined to host a railroad hub, but the city’s leaders declined it. The hub was moved to what is now Atlanta. Decatur residents have long had a spirit and mind of their own. As the county seat of DeKalb County, it had two representatives who voted against secession.

The city was founded by English, Irish, and Scottish immigrants and has a predominantly Caucasian population. However, its ethnic communities are growing. Besides having a large African-American population, it also has many immigrants from Ethiopia, Greece, and India.

The city has a sizable academic community. Emory College is close by, located to the northwest of the city. The college is well-respected for academic excellence as well as for its beautifully manicured campus. Decatur is also home to Agnes Scott College, a private college for women, and Columbia Theological Seminary-both of which have picturesque grounds.

Parks, museums, and cultural centers dot the Decatur landscape. The Atlanta Preservation Center provides walking tours of Druid Hills, a high-income neighborhood with several noteworthy mansions. The Olmsted Linear Park has 50 scenic acres, which are currently being restored according to original plans.

The Original Waffle House and Museum is also located in Decatur. It is a 13-stool diner with vintage equipment, memorabilia exhibits, a jukebox, and displays of old uniforms. The Bradley Observatory is part of the Agnes Scott College campus, and it hosts open houses for local residents and tourists. Other places of interest include the Fernbank Natural History Museum, which is located beside the 65-acre Fernbank Nature Preserve. The DeKalb History Center is a small museum showcasing DeKalb County history.

Decatur workers’ compensation law can be cryptic and ever-changing. Our Decatur workers’ compensation lawyers help people clients navigate the system and get the compensation that they deserve so that they can focus on healing.

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